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07 November 2015 @ 12:14 am

Hi!!! already reading the concert report? I was laughing so hard and one part that make me laugh was when nino said in MC Part that he just teached aiba how to use LINE. After that, aiba make a LINE's group for Arashi (please, can i join in the group? please, pretty pleaseeee). It was soo funnyyy until i decided to make fanfic based on that. Happy reading!

When Aiba Falling in Love with LINECollapse )

That's it!! hahahahahahahaha. Sorry if the ff just so absurd. What can i do, Arashi is an absurd idol too LOL *grin

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05 November 2015 @ 10:17 pm
KY desu!
MT desu!
We are!
what? what are we? hahaha
okay leave this convo about asking who are we.

Today! emh, actually when KY hijacked NF post we are really talked about calendar! the epic goodies ever XD

and that calendar gave us idea to make a FF about it!
okay here it is!

KY and MT colaboration!
One Love - Good Time?! When!

One Love - Good Time?! When!Collapse )

Okay! That's all XD
what a one shot XD

Maybe our imagination is too wild XD

if your day is bitter, just look a minute to this family and you will smiled again XD

KY and MT deshitaa~
Sakumoto yeay!!

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17 September 2015 @ 01:59 pm

Hollaaaaaaaaa~ YK is here~~ XDD

Soooo~ I will give you update of my drabble series.. and finally... YES!! FINALLY IT COMES TO THE LAST CHAPTER!! T_T

Okay, let's just begin.. Please enjoy~ ^^

[Sayonara, Sho-chan...]
Title : I Got You (Last Chapter)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship), Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johnnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

Chapter 1|| Chapter 2|| Chapter 3|| Chapter 4|| Chapter 5|| Chapter 6|| Chapter 7|| Chapter 8

"Where is he?" Nino folded his hands in front of his chest. He was at Narita airport welcoming Ohno back to Tokyo. Ohno's plane would landing at 12.00 pm so he planned to arrive at the airport at 11.00am to make a surprise for Ohno. Last night he already told his plan to Sho.

"Let's welcome them at the airport then make a surprise party for him!"

"Nino, I-"

"Oh-chan's plane will landing at 12.00pm so we will come to the airport at 11.00am, okay Sho-chan. I will wait you there, okay. Jun will come too."

After saying that, he didn't wait for Sho's answer and immediately cut off the phone. He was sure Sho would say 'yes' and come to the airport at 11.00am. Now he's already waited for more than 40 minutes but Sho was nowhere to be seen. His phone was also turned off since this morning.

"Maybe he can't come, Kazu." Jun softly grabbed his boyfriend's shoulder to calm him down. Nino suddenly glared at him.

"No way, Jun! Today is his day-off so there's no way he can't come. Unless..." he trailed off while thinking the worst possibility. Don't tell me he's giving up on Oh-chan because he has Aiba-chan with him. No!! Sho-chan won't do that to Oh-chan!!he shook his head quickly.

"Jun, have you told Aiba-chan about this?" Nino looked down at his feet. He was afraid to look at Jun right now. He actually didn't want to accuse his boyfriend's bestfriend like this but he couldn't think of any other reason why Sho didn't want to come beside of what he was thinking right now.

Jun sighed. He knew that Nino would think like that. He slowly put his hands both on Nino's shoulders and turned Nino to face him. Nino still looked down and bit his lip, "Kaz, look at me. Please..."

Nino slowly looked at Jun and at the moment Jun knew that his boyfriend's eyes was teary.

"I'm sorry, Jun. I didn't mean to-"

"Ssshh..." Jun put his finger at Nino's lips, motioning him to stop. "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking maybe Masaki take Sho-kun somewhere so he can't come here, aren't you?" he asked softly to his boyfriend. Nino bit his lip and nodded softly. A tear escaped from his eyes.

Jun cupped softly Nino's face with his hand while wiping Nino's tears with his thumbs, "I'm not mad at you. But... I know Masaki very well. He won't do something like that. Futhermore, I haven't told him anything about Ohno-kun's come back so he doesn't know anything about our plan."

"So... Sho-chan doesn't come today because he really had giving up at Oh-chan... I thought he cared about Oh-chan... I thought he... he..." he sobbed.

Jun hugged his boyfriend to calm him down, "Ssshh... it's okay... At least you're still there for him, right?" then he glanced at front of him and smiled. "Wipe your tears, Kazu. You can't meet Ohno-kun in this state, can you? He's here, you know..." Jun released Nino from his arm and gave him chance to wiped clean his tears before he turned around. There, not far from them, was standing Ohno with his luggage in his hand. He smiled at them but his eyes were wet because of tears. His mother was standing beside him. She smiled while waving her hand toward them.


Nino ran as fast as he could and immediately hugged Ohno tightly. He couldn't hide his tears anymore, "Oh-chan, you're back!! You're back!!"

Ohno hugged back Nino tightly and sobbed, "Nino... I miss you... I'm sorry for leaving you for a long time..."

Nino slowly released Ohno from his hug. His eyes were wet with tears but he tried to smile to cheer up the latter, "I forgive you but in one condition. You have to take me to game center everyday and we will play until we're tired of playing!!"

Ohno's mother cleared her throat playfully while looking at Ohno and Nino. She smiled, "I'm sorry gentlemen but no game center for now. Remember what did the doctor say, Satoshi? You still need a good rest. Your heart is still not fully recover yet."

Ohno chuckled but still nodded at his mother, "Yes, Mom. I know," then he glanced at Nino's back. He saw Jun smiled at him and he smiled back. Then he looked back at Nino, "Nino, did Sho-chan know that I come back today?" he asked softly. He missed Sho very much. For 7 years, he never forgot about Sho. Even just mentioned his name, he felt warm in his heart.

Nino looked down at his feet, "I... I told him last night and asked him to come here to pick you up, but... he..." Nino couldn't continue his words. He couldn't looked at Ohno's sad eyes either.

"I see... He must be busy, right?" Ohno forced a smile, "Well... you're here Nino and Jun-kun come too. It's still enough for me, you know,"


Ohno and Nino, along with Ohno's mother and Jun walked out of the airport to the parking lot. Jun offered Ohno and his mother to chauffeur them with his car back to their home. Along their long way to the parking lot, Ohno and Nino talked a lot. Nino learned that Ohno had started his treatment in America for 2 years then he decided to move to his mother's hometown, Hokkaido. His mother had a friend who owned a hospital that could help him with a better treatment so he didn't have to stay overseas. His heart was not fully recover yet and but it's a lot better now. Nino told Ohno about his life now, Sho as a newscaster, even about Aiba. But he avoided to talk about Aiba and Sho's relationship. He was afraid Ohno was not ready to hear it.

When Ohno was going to get in at Jun's car, suddenly he saw not far from them a figure was running toward them. He widened his eyes and couldn't move an inch. Even for 7 years, he still could recognize the person from far away. The person stopped in front of him and tried to calm his breath after running. Nino and Jun were surprised to see the person there.


Ohno let his tears flowing from his eyes when he finally could hear again the voice he missed so much for 7 years, "Sho-chan..."

Sho couldn't hold back anymore and immediately hugged tightly the man in front of him whom he loved so much, "Satoshi... Don't leave me again... Please..."

Ohno cried loudly in Sho's arms. He hugged back Sho tightly and didn't want to let him go again, ever. Sho-chan, you choose me? Am I dreaming? You really choose me?

"Sho-chan, you are really here? I'm not dreaming, aren't I?"

Sho moved away a bit and cupped Ohno's face who was brimming with tears, "I'm here, Satoshi." He slowly kissed Ohno's forehead, then he moved down and kissed Ohno'e eyelids one by one, his cheeks, nose and finally he kissed Ohno's lips sweetly yet deeply.

Ohno widened his eyes when his lips met Sho's. He couldn't believe the man that he loved so much finally kissed him. So he did what he should do. He kissed back Sho while tears kept flowing in his eyes. He didn't care if he made some weird sounds because he was crying while being kissed. After some minutes and because of need some air, finally Sho moved back a bit but he attached his forehead on Ohno's. He wiped tears on Ohno's red cheeks with his thumbs, "I got you now. I won't let you go, again."


Some hours before...

"Masaki, you're here already?" Sho was a bit startled when he got out from his bedroom and found his boyfriend was cooking an omelet in the kitchen.

Aiba turned around from the stove at smiled at Sho, "Morning, Sho-chan. I made you an omelet. Wait for me at the diningroom. I'll be there in a minute, okay." then he was back to his cooking. There's something different from Aiba this morning and Sho could sense that. Last night Sho couldn't sleep properly because he was still confused about what should he choose. Aiba or Ohno. At first he wanted to tell Aiba about Ohno's come back but when he saw Aiba earlier he thought it's better to tell him slowly later.

Both Sho and Aiba ate their breakfast in silent. It was not like their usual. Usually Aiba would become chatty and blabbering about anything that could make Sho laughed hard. But not at this morning. When Sho opened his mouth to ask Aiba what was going on with him, Aiba called him, "Ne, Sho-chan..."

Sho was a bit surprised but still answered him with hum while looking at him. Aiba closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened his eyes again. There was determination in his eyes.

"Let's break up." he smiled forcely to hide his sadness in front of Sho.

Sho widened his eyes and stood up, "What?! What do you mean, Masaki? You are kidding, right?"

Masaki tried to hold his tears and covered it with small smile. "I'm serious, Sho-chan. Can you sit down and let me finish first, please?" Sho slowly sit at his chair but still looked at Aiba, "Why, Masaki?"

Masaki held Sho's hand and started to explain, "You know... I made a promise in the past with someone. He was in love with his bestfriend but he couldn't tell him his true feeling because he's afraid he couldn't live long and gave his love to his bestfriend. That's why he asked me to take care of his bestfriend and love him like the way he always do. He wanted his bestfriend always to be happy. He decided to go away from his bestfriend so everyone could be happy eventhough he had to sacrifice his feeling. Because he knew, I also fell in love with his bestfriend."

Sho couldn't say anything but a tear dropped at his cheek. He knew who was Aiba talking about. Satoshi... he suffered that much for me?He gripped Aiba's hand tighter. Aiba smiled sadly Now you understand, Sho-chan...

"Later I knew that actually this bestfriend loved him so much but he was too scared so he just left it behind and hope he could forget him by started to accept my feeling. But... the reality said different. I couldn't replace him from his heart. Never. He..."

"Stop it, Masaki! I love you and-"

"But you love Ohno-kun more, Sho-chan. Even until now. There will be always Ohno-kun in your heart." Aiba took a deep breath to calm him down so he wouldn't cry in front of Sho.

"Now, get ready. You are going to Narita airport. Ohno-kun will be happy to see you there." Aiba smiled softly and pushed Sho to his bedroom.

Sho widened his eyes, "B-but... H-how do..."

"Ask Ohno-kun later. Now, hurry up or you'll be late arrive there!"

After getting ready for some minutes, Sho was now standing in front of his apartment, along with Aiba. He turned around at Aiba and hugged him tightly, "Masaki, I'm sorry. I'm such a bad person. You are like an angel for me. Thanks for loving me. I don't deserve your love, Masaki. I'm really sorry."

Aiba hugged him tightly and a tear escaped from his eyes but he quickly wiped it with his hand, "Thank you for giving me a lot of beautiful memories in these 2 years, Sho-chan." he moved away and gave Sho his true smile, "Say hello for Ohno-kun from me, okay"

Sho smiled back softly while nodding his head. "I will," then he pecked Aiba's lips softly for the last time before he went out of his apartment and rushed to Narita airport.

"Sayonara, Sho-chan..." Aiba cried loudly there, hoping it would help him to ignore a stinge in his heart.


Uwaaaaa~ finally I made it to the end!! *crying in happiness*
I hope all of you will love it ><
There will be an epilogue story, though. Because... there are too much angst in these 9 chapters!! I need to make a fluffy one!! XDD
Well, thanks for everyone who always read this drabble series from the first chapter till the end and thanks for all of you who leave some comments in this drabble series. I really appreciate it. Seriously <333

Anyway, for you girls who want to make a fic request, I'm very welcome them ^^. Just leave a comment hereat Request Section and don't forget to put these things on your comments : 1. the pairing (well because it's Sho's community so I only accept Yama, Sakuraiba, Sakumiya or Sakumoto as the main pairing ^^), 2. rating (I only accept from G until R, I can't write NC-17! Sorry! xP) and then 3. the prompt of the fic.

That's all from me for today.
See you next week for the epilogue~ ^^

Ciao ciao

YK deshita~~~ XDD

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13 September 2015 @ 08:25 pm

Yooooo~~~ YK is back~ XDD

As usual, I will give you my update for my drabble series! ^^ (and I was late again ><)

Please enjoy~ :D

[God, what should I do?]

Title : I Got You (Chapter 8)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship), Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johnnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

Chapter 1|| Chapter 2|| Chapter 3|| Chapter 4|| Chapter 5|| Chapter 6|| Chapter 7

7 years later...

"Baby, have you seen my necktie? I can't find it at my bedroom," Sho said loudly from his bedroom. Today was his first day working as a newscaster and he couldn't be late at his important day. He waited for some minutes but no answer came out from his beloved one. He peeked out from his bedroom and looked at the living room but he saw no one. He frowned,

"Baby? Dear?"

He tried to call again but still no answer from the other. Suddenly he heard someone humming a song from his kitchen. He went to the kitchen and a small smile bloomed at his face when he saw a figure was humming a song while cooked his breakfast. He walked slowly to surprise the latter from behind, then he wrapped his arm around the slim waist in front of him. The latter was surprised and almost dropped an egg he was holding.

"Uwaaaa~ Sho-chan!! You scared me!!!"

Sho giggled and unplugged an earphone the person was wearing with one of his hand, "I've called you many times, you know." He faked a pout, "I've told you, haven't I? Don't set the volume too high. You won't hear if someone call you,"

The latter turned around at Sho smiled sheepishly at his boyfriend, "Teehee... You know I like Nino's newest song that much, don't you? That's why I keep repeating it with high volume and..."

"Okay! okay! I got it! You've told me that since yesterday. Do you love Nino's song more than your boyfriend here? I need your attention too..." Sho whined childishly.

"You silly! Don't act like a kid and go finish your coffee. I've prepared it at the table. I will make an omelet for you and bring it there with your necktie. Now, release me so I can finish my cooking,"

"Don't wanna..." Sho pouted.

"Sho-chan, what-"

"I want my goodmorning kiss! Right.Now!"

The latter chuckled but still kissed Sho at his cheek, "Satisfy? Now go!"

Sho grinned happily and pecked his lover's lips, "I love you, Masaki" then he went to the dining room with happy smile in his face.


The day after Ohno left, Sho was like a zombie. He didn't talk to anyone and always spaced out. His grade at the class went down and he stopped playing football. Thankfully, Aiba, Nino and Jun were there to help him to stand firm until they graduated from high school. Slowly, Sho could forget his sadness and decided to continue his study at Keio University for 4 years. Aiba decided to study veterinary and started working at a zoo after he graduated, Nino got promoted as a singer from his uncle who owns a famous agency in Japan, and Jun helped his father running an Italian restaurant at Tokyo.

5 years after losing Ohno, Sho finally decided to open his heart for Aiba. He knew deep down inside his heart he still loved Ohno but he also knew that Aiba was always there for him and cared for him. Every morning, Aiba came to Sho's apartment and took care of him.


"Sho-chaaan~ hurry up!! You will be late on your first day!!" Aiba shouted at the front door of Sho's apartment.

"Comiiiiing~" Sho ran from his bedroom to the front door. He saw his boyfriend pouted while folded his arms in front of his chest. He grinned, "Sorry... I almost forgot my cellphone,"

"Don't forget to call me as soon as you get there, okay!"

Sho smiled at his boyfriend, "Yes, my love" he pecked his lover's lips. He grinned when he saw Aiba's cheek blushed like a red tomato, "I got my lucky charm~" he said and winked playfully.

"Silly!" Aiba mumbled but his cheek was redder than before.


Weeks later, it was a night before Sho and Aiba's 2nd anniversary. Sho was in his way back from his work when he suddenly remembered that tomorrow was a special day for him and Aiba. He took his phone from his bag and texted a LINE message for Aiba, but when he was going to write the message his phone vibrated. It's a LINE message from Aiba

How was the meeting??
Have you eat your dinner??
 I called you three times but you didn't answer (T_T)

Sho chuckled while reading the message and immediately texted a reply.

The meeting was good and finally I got a new newsprogram (^^)v
I had my dinner just now.
Sorry my phone is still on silent mode so I didn't hear your calls.
 Forgive me, baby~ ^3^ *kisses you a lot*

Not long after, he got a reply from Aiba.

Uwaaa~ omedetou Sho-chan~!!! \(^o^)/
Can't wait to watch it on TV!!
I will record it for sure!! XD
Your phone is still on silent mode??
I hate you!!
I hate you!!!
I hate yooooouuu~!!
 I was worried, you know... (>,<) *pouts*

Sho giggled while reading the messages and immediately replied

I'm sorry, Masaki!! ><
Please... don't hate me~!! (T_T)

When Sho was going to write a new sentence, suddenly his phone vibrated for a call. The caller ID showed Nino's name.

"Hey, Nino! What's up?"

There was no answer from the other side but Sho was sure he heard Nino's sniffing, "Nino? Nino, are you okay? What's wrong?"

"Sho-chan..." Nino finally said with trembling voice. Sho became panic.

"Nino, are you okay?? Please tell me what happened??"

"Sho-chan... h-he... is... back..." Nino choked at his words and started to cry.

"Nino, what-"

"He is back, Sho-chan! Our Oh-chan is back!!"

Sho widened his eyes at the mention of Ohno, "Sa-satoshi?! B-but... H-how do you know, Nino?"

"His mother just called. She said that Oh-chan and her will come to Tokyo tomorrow," then Nino was silent for a moment before he spoke again, "Ne, Sho-chan? Let's welcome them at the airport then make a surprise party for him!" Nino sounded happier than before.

Sho really wanted to say yes. He wanted to see Ohno again. No one could understand how much he missed Ohno even after 7 years. But, before Sho had a chance to answer Nino, there was a LINE message from Aiba.

Okay! I will forgive you but in one condition!
I want a special date tomorrow! (>,<)

God, what should I do?

-to be continued-

Fyuuuhhh~ finally I still have time to post it around this week!! XD
Hope I can post the next chapter on next Thursday ^^

As always comments will be loved~ <333

Ciao ciao

Mod YK

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27 August 2015 @ 02:03 pm

Helloooo minnaaaa~ YK is here again~~

Finally now I can continue to update my drabble again~ XDD

Anyway, please enjoy~ ^^

[I love you, Satoshi...]
Title : I Got You (Chapter 7)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship), Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johnnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

Chapter 1|| Chapter 2|| Chapter 3|| Chapter 4|| Chapter 5|| Chapter 6

The first thing that he heard was some birds chirped outside the window, meaning it was morning already. He was awake but still lazy to open his eyes. After some minutes trying to regain his consciousness, he tried to move his hand but that was when finally he realized someone was holding his hand. The hand were quite bigger compared to his and in a second he felt warm inside his heart. He recognized really well the owner of that warm hand. Is it really him? Am I just dreaming?he thought. Finally he opened his eyes slowly and the first thing he saw was a bundle of someone's hair and that person was holding his hand tightly. A soft smile appeared in his mouth. So you keep your promise, Sho-chan...

He tried to move his other hand and caressed Sho's hair softly, afraid that it would make him awake. I'm not just dreaming, aren't I? You are really here, Sho-chan?

Feeling there was movement in front of him, Sho quickly opened his eyes and stood up, looked at the person laying in front of him. He smiled widely but there were some tears escaped from his eyes, "Sato-chan!!! Thanks God finally you are awake!! How are your feeling? Are you feel hurt somewhere?? I will call the doctor and tell him that you are awake, okay!!" But before he could free his hand from Ohno's to go outside and call the doctor, he felt his hand being grabbed tightly. He looked at Ohno's eyes and he could sense sadness there.

"Sho-chan, could you please stay here with me? You can press the bell beside my bed and some nurses will come here. Just... don't leave me alone. Please..." Ohno's voice was a bit hoarse but Sho knew he was trembling.

Without a word, Sho sat back to the chair and tried to caress Ohno's bang that covered his forehead. "I won't go anywhere. I will stay here with you."

Ohno smiled softly but a tear escaped from his eyes, "Thank you, Sho-chan..."


After examined Ohno's condition, the doctor explained that Ohno still needed some rest and he forbade Ohno to get up from his bed. "I will check on you again later at afternoon, okay. And Ohno-kun... About what I've told you two days ago... I know it's hard for you... But... You need a better treatment or else it will be getting worse. You know it, right?"

Sho, who was standing not far from Ohno's bed, suddenly his heart skipped a beat but not in a good way. He suddenly felt anxious and panic. Does it mean that Sato-chan's condition is bad?He thought while looking at Ohno who just bit his lip. He was sure Ohno looked at him in a second before he nodded his head.

"I've talked about it with my Mom, Sensei. You can ask her about it."

Ohno's mom slowly approached her beloved son and gripped his hand softly, "Satoshi... Are you sure with your decision, honey? Is it too soon to say yes?"

"Mom, could you please leave me and Sho-chan for a moment? I... There are a lot of things I need to tell him."

Ohno's mom sighed, "Okay... Just... don't pressure yourself too much, okay." Ohno nodded and lowered his head. His mom kissed his forehead and looked at the doctor, "Sensei, can we talk about it at your office now?"

The doctor smiled and nodded his head. He patted Ohno's head softly while mumbling "See you later" and heading toward his office with Ohno's mom behind them.

The room became silent for a moment before finally Ohno started, "S...sho-chan... Can you hold my hand like you did this morning? P-please..."

Without thinking twice, Sho immediately went beside Ohno and grabbed his hand softly. He held Ohno's hand with both of his hand, as if it could give some strength to him. The room became silent once again. No one dared to say even one word. They were afraid if one of them said anything, it would break them apart and both of them didn't want that to be happened. But they knew they should talk about it so Ohno decided to start.

"Sho-chan... I... I'm sorry for not telling you all this time about my condition. I... I want to be Ohno that always cheerful and happy in front of you. Mom is already suffered because of me. That's why I don't want another person I care has to suffer because of me. I... Ne~ Sho-chan... Am I too troublesome to take care of? I wonder when my mom will be tired of me and leave me alone. Maybe it's better if mom leave me alone because she will be happier that way... and... and..." Ohno choked at his words and couldn't hold his tears anymore. Sho couldn't take it anymore and hugged Ohno tightly.

"You are not troublesome, Sato-chan!! Don't ever think about that!!! You can't live alone in this world!!! You don't have to pretend to be strong!! You trust me, don't you?" Ohno nodded his head while burying his head deeper in Sho's chest and crying there. His hand clenched at Sho's T-shirt tightly.

"If you trust me, please... Don't ever hide anything from me anymore!! I want you to share your pain to me, to your mom, to your friends!! Your mom loves you very much!!! Your friends love you very much!!!" And I love you very much!!He wanted to say it loud but his voice trapped in his throat so he just hugged Ohno tighter.

They hugged for a moment and Sho slowly released Ohno from his arm when he felt that Ohno was calmer than before. He was still curious about what the doctor had said earlier, but he decided to leave it behind and would ask Ohno later when suddenly Ohno started to speak again,

"I will move out from Tokyo and go to America for getting a better treatment there."

Sho widened his eyes and couldn't believe what he just heard, "W-what?? B-but how about your school?"

"Mom has already talked with Hatori-sensei. He will help me to get the permission from the principal."

"F-for how long?"

"I don't know... 2 years... or maybe 3 years... or maybe more than that..."

Somehow Sho didn't like the way Ohno talked. It was like suddenly he turned into a different person. He grabbed Ohno's shoulder and forced the latter, who was looking into the bedsheet, to look at him. "Sato-chan!! Look at me and tell me that you're lying! Sato-chan! Sato-chan!!!" He shook Ohno's shoulder, "Satoshi..!!!!"

Ohno finally looked at Sho. His eyes brimmed with tears and his body trembled. "I want to be normal, Sho-chan!!! I want to be cured!!! I don't want to be a burden for my mom!! There is no other way, Sho-chan!!"

"You are normal, Satoshi!!! And don't ever say that you are burden to your mom!!" He sighed and loosen his grip on Ohno's shoulder, "Look, I will try to look for other hospital in Tokyo and you don't have to go to America, okay. I can ask Nino and..."

"I told you already, didn't I? I don't want to be burden for everyone!! For you, for Nino, for everyone!! Just let me solve my problem by myself, please!!"

"Then you will leave Nino alone?? Don't you feel he will be sad if you go for that long time??"

"He will be okay!! He has Jun-kun with him!! I'm sure he will be okay if I leave!!"

"Then how about me??!!! Don't you care about me?? Don't you think about my feeling if you leave me alone like that??!! Tell me Satoshi!!!" He gripped Ohno's chin to look at him.

Ohno sobbed and looked everywhere but Sho, "You have Aiba-kun with you!! I'm sure he will take care of you and make you forget about me!!! Just be happy with him and I will be happy for you, Sho-chan..."

"Y-you..." Sho gasped and slowly walked backward to make a distance between him and Ohno, "You are selfish, Satoshi!!! You don't know anything about my feeling!!! You don't know with whom I feel happy with!!!" He clenched his fist and looked at Ohno.

"Fine!!!! Just go anywhere you like!! I don't care anymore!!! Just go and don't ever come back!!!" Sho stormed out the room with tears in his eyes.

I'm sorry, Sho-chan... It's the best way... I'm so sorry...Ohno curled up in bed, ignoring his tears that didn't stop coming from his eyes.

Later did they know that someone was listening the whole conversation with teary eyes outside the room.


It has been three days since Sho last time saw Ohno at the hospital. After that day, he never came to the hospital and just busied himself with school and homeworks. You said that I should forget about you, didn't you? You know what? I will do it!!He thought angrily while reading a book in the library. His thought was interupted when someone tapped his shoulder slowly, "Sho-chan..."

He looked up from his book and frowned, "Nino?? What..."

"Sssttt.. Come with me to the roof! Now!"

Sho was going to ask his bestfriend what happened but Nino already left the library and went to the roof. He closed his book, put it on the shelf and immediately ran to the roof.

When Sho opened the door to the roof, he was a bit startled because there was not only Nino was standing there, but Jun and Aiba were also there, "Guys, what happened?"

Nino, who was standing not far from Sho, suddenly grabbed his collar. A tear escaped from his eyes, "You wanna know what happened, Sho-chan? Oh-chan has left!! He went to America this morning!! Are you happy now??!!"

Sho was shocked and he widened his eyes, "H-he left..."

Nino laughed bitterly, "What?? You don't care about him, do you? Anyway... " suddenly he shoved a letter into Sho's chest, "Oh-chan's mom ask me to give this to you before they left. It's from Oh-chan."

"Let's back to the class, shall we? Sho-kun, we will be waiting for you at class. Aiba-chan, Kazu let's go..." Jun dragged his boyfriend and his bestfriend to the class leaving Sho alone at the roof.

Sho's hands were trembling when he slowly opened the letter :

Hey Sho-chan... how are you? I hope you are okay.

If you read this letter, it means that I had already left Tokyo and go to America. I'm sorry I can't say goodbye directly to you. You were so angry at me last time we met and I'm really sad because you were mad because of me.

I'm sorry for being selfish, I'm sorry for not understand your feeling, I'm sorry for leaving you alone, I'm sorry for not telling you the truth and I'm sorry because I love you, Sho-chan. Please be happy with the one who you love the most and I promise that I will be happy for you wherever I am. :)

I really love you Sho-chan and I will always do. In the past, now, and in the future.

Good bye, Sho-chan...


"Satoshi, you idiot!! I love you too..." He cried while clutching the letter on his chest. I hope I could rewind the time... I will go to the past and tell you my true feeling at that time... I love you, Satoshi...

-to be continued-

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[It will be the last time]
Title : I Got You (Chapter 6)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship), Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johnnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

Sho bit his lip and walked around in front of ICU. Sho and unconscious Satoshi had arrived at the hospital 30 minutes ago and Satoshi was immediately taken to the ICU by the doctor and some nurses there. The doctor asked Sho to wait outside and try to call Satoshi's family to come to the hospital. Sho knew that Satoshi lived only with his mother, since his father had passed away when he was 8 years old, that's why he immediately called his mother who was in the middle of work. Sho could hear her anxiousness when she heard about his beloved son's condition and she promised to be there as soon as she could. Sho called Nino too, to tell him that Ohno was still inside ICU which why Nino decided to come to the hospital too with Jun, and AIba. At a moment, Sho totally forgot that he left Aiba at the roof when he knew that Ohno was unconscious. He felt sorry for Aiba though but for now in Sho's mind, the most important was Ohno. He didn't realize that tears started to flow again at his eyes. Please hang in there, Sato-chan...


Sho turned around and saw Nino, Jun and Aiba ran toward him. He immediately wiped his tears in his eyes and explained to them that Ohno was still inside. Nino's body started to tremble but he was immediately hugged by his boyfriend, who was already standing beside him. "It's my fault!! It's all my fault!! If I hadn't played my DS too seriously, if I've paid attention to Oh-chan more... Oh-chan... he..." Nino couldn't continue his words and started to cry loudly inside Jun's arm. "Ssshhh... don't blame yourself like that Kaz..." Jun softly rubbed Nino's back while kept saying reassurance words.

"Nino, you know something about Ohno-kun, don't you?"

Sho finally asked what in his mind and looked seriously at Nino who just sobbed and hugged Jun tighter. Sho couldn't stand it anymore. He was sure Nino knew something yet he kept silent and didn't say anything. Sho grabbed Nino's shoulder and turned him to face Sho, "Nino, please!! Tell me what happened with Ohno-kun??!!" Sho pleaded to his bestfriend.

"Oh-chan... H-he get a serious illness at his heart. A-actually he didn't want anyone knew about his illness, b-but I accidently saw when he was going to get his daily medicine. H-he made me promise no to tell this to anyone..."

"No..." Sho couldn't hold his tears anymore, "NO!!! YOU MUST BE KIDDING NINO!! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!! HE LOOKS HAPPY AND ALWAYS SMILING EVERYDAY!!! HE...."

"YOU DIDN'T SEE HIM, SHO-CHAN!!!" Nino bursted and didn't try to wipe his tears that flowing to his cheek, "You neversee him..."

At that moment, the ICU's lamp was off and the doctor came out, "Which one of you is Ohno-san's family?" He looked at Sho, Nino, Jun and Aiba one by one.

Jun, who already knew that neither Sho nor Nino could answer the doctor's question, he decided to answer the doctor while trying to be calm, "We are Ohno-kun's friends. His mother is still on the way to the hospital," then finally he asked what everyone had in mind at the moment, "How is Ohno-kun, Sensei?"

The doctor was a bit hesitant but finally answered, "He is okay now. He was late to take his medicine that's why he collapsed, but don't worry. We already gave it to him."

"Can we see him now? Please??"

The doctor sighed in defeat and nodded his head, "But don't give him too much pressure especially if it concerns his heart."

Four of them nodded in sync and carefully went inside. Once they were inside, they saw Ohno was sleeping on his bed. He looked  pale and fragile with some IV tubes attached at his body. Sho immediately went beside him and gripped his left hand softly, "Ohno-kun..."

Ohno slowly opened his eyes and looked at his left and found that Sho was looking at him with tears while holding his hand tightly, "Sho-chan..." his voice cracked and his eyes were glassy, "I... I..."

"Ssshhh.. It's okay. Let's save the talk for later. Just take a rest and sleep, okay?" Sho said softly while caressed Ohno's hair softly with his other hand.

"Will you stay here while I'm sleep?" Ohno asked softly while trying to stay awake so he could see Sho clearly.

"I will be the one you see first when you wake up later," Sho tried to smile at Ohno.


"I promise..." Sho moved upward a bit and slowly kissed Ohno's forehead, "...Sato-chan"

Ohno couldn't believe his ears. A tear escaped from his eyes. Did he just call me with...

Ohno really wanted to keep awake and talk with Sho about anything, but he felt very tired so he decided to close his eyes while tighten his grip on Sho's hand. It will be the last time, that's why please keep hold my hand tightly Sho-chan...

-to be continued-

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[Please wake up soon, Sato-chan...]
Title : I Got You (Chapter 5)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship), Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johnnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

"So... how's your baseball match earlier? Did your team win?" Sho asked Aiba along the way to the ramen shop. The five of them decided to take a walk to the ramen shop. Sho and Aiba walked together in front while Jun, Nino and Ohno were behind them. The three of them would give space for Sho and Aiba to get closer with their own way. As Nino had said before, he, Jun and Ohno only wanted to give them a little push and the rest would depend on both of them.

Aiba, who were looking down the whole time to hide his blushing cheek, suddenly looked at Sho and widened his eyes, "E-eeeh?!! Y-you watched it???" Aiba couldn't hide his surprised tone.

Sho chuckled and nodded his head, "Well, because my football practice finished sooner than I've expected so I decided to see your team playing for a while. I couldn't watch it until the end though," Sho grinned but actually it sent a bunch of butterflies inside Aiba's stomach.

"U-uhmm... thank you... I guess." Aiba didn't know what should he say because he was too nervous at the moment. He never thought that he could speak freely with the man who he admired so much. He ducked his head down again to hide his shyness.

Just as both of them were turning around a corner, some teenagers on their BMX bikes went to their direction with high speed. Using his fast instinct, he grabbed Aiba's waist pulled him against his chest. He looked at the teenagers while shouted at them, "Hey! That was dangerous!" The teenagers just rolled their eyes before speeding off.

Sho mumbled something incoherent before glanced worriedly at Aiba in front of him. One of his hand was still on Aiba's waist, "Are you okay, Aiba-chan?"

Aiba was still in shock because suddenly in a second he was very close with Sho. He felt his face reddened and he stumbled at his words, "Y-yes... T-thank you, S-sho-kun..."

Sho suddenly realized what he had done and released his hand from Aiba's waist while clearing his throat awkwardly, "A-ah! We're almost there! Look!" He pointed a small shop not far from them. He turned around at Jun, Nino and Ohno who was watching both of them the whole time. Sadly he didn't see hurtful in Ohno's eyes. He went behind Ohno and Nino and pushed them forward to walk faster to the shop, leaving Aiba and Jun behind, "Come on! I'm hungry!!"


Three weeks later...
Sho was waiting for Aiba at the school roof. Thanks to his bestfriends, little by little Aiba and him got closer everyday. That's why he decided that today he wanted to tell his true feeling to Aiba. He'd waited this chance for a long time already and he couldn't stop to feel excited and happy today. But, in another part of his mind, he felt sad because it seemed that Ohno made a distance with him recently. He was avoiding Sho everytime Sho walked toward him or refused to go home together as usual. He made sure that after this he would go to Ohno and talked to him.


Sho turned around and saw Aiba looked at him shyly while walking closer toward him. He smiled softly at Aiba. He is really so cute I want to hug him tight...

"A-ano... Jun told me t-that you want to talk about something. Did something happen?"

Sho took a deep breath, "Aiba-chan... Actually I..."

Before he could continue his saying, suddenly the door that connected the roof and the stairs was opened with a loud bang. Sho looked at the door and frowned, "Nino?"

Nino was panting so hard and Sho could see that he was trembling. Worried that something happened with his bestfriend, Sho immediately went to him, "Nino? Are you okay?"

Nino wanted to say something but instead of saying some words, his eyes suddenly full of tears and he almost fell on his knees. Sho quickly grabbed his shoulder and asked worriedly, "Nino?? What happened?? Are you okay??"


Sho frowned, "Wha-"

"Oh-chan!!! Sho-chan, it's Oh-chan!!! He... he suddenly collapsed at the class and he's unconscious now!! Hatori-sensei had called ambulance and..."

Without waiting Nino's full explanation, he left the roof immediately and rushed down to his class. He ran as fast as he could and he didn't care how far it was, he would keep running until the class. Ohno-kun...

When he arrived at his class, some nurses were already to carry Ohno to ambulance. He immediately went to Hatori sensei who was currently looking for someone to look after at Ohno-kun inside the ambulance, "Sensei! Please let me accompany Ohno-kun at ambulance!" Hatori sensei without doubt nodded his head and patted Sho's shoulder, "Please take care of him, okay."

Sho nodded his head and immediately went into the ambulance. He sat beside Ohno who was laying unconscious with pale face. He didn't realize that slowly a tear dropped wetting his cheek. He took one of Ohno's hand and gripped it slowly. He neared his face besides Ohno's ear and whispered softly on his ear, "Ohno-kun... It's me Sho. Please wake up soon. I want you tell me what you feel. Does it hurt somewhere? Have you forgot my promise back then when we're kids? Maybe you didn't know but that's my true feeling. I will protect you, Ohno-kun...

**14 years ago**

"Ouch!! It hurts..." little Ohno cried loudly while hugging his injured knee. He was running to catch his bestfriend, Sho when suddenly he tripped up at a big stone and fell to the ground. "Mama... it hurts..."

Little Sho, who was still running ahead, suddenly heard Ohno's crying so he stopped and turned around. He saw his bestfriend not far from him fell to the ground. "Sato-chan!!" little Sho immediately ran back toward his injured friend.

"Mou... Bad stone!!" little Sho grumbled at the big stone and squatted down to look closely at his friend, "Sato-chan... you okay?"

Little Ohno sobbed while looking at his injured knee, "hurts... here..." he pointed at his knee and started to cry again.

"Ssshh... it's okay... it's okay..." Sho patted softly Ohno's head. He helped little Ohno to get up a bit and piggy back him to his house. "Let's go to Mama Sato-chan, ne..."

They started to walk back to Ohno's house. "Sho-chan... thank you..." Ohno suddenly mumbled softly and tighten his hold on Sho's neck. Sho grinned happily, "Sho-chan is now Sato-chan's hero... Sho-chan will protect you from bad stone, that's why Sato-chan don't cry again okay!" He felt Ohno smiled at his back while nodding his head happily, "Un!!"

"Please... wake up soon..." Sho caressed Ohno's cheek as tears started to flow at his eyes, " Sato-chan..."

-to be continued-

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[He is really beautiful]
Title : I Got You (Chapter 4)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship), Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johnnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

Chapter 1|| Chapter 2|| Chapter 3

Jun was sitting in front of Nino and Ohno They were in the roof so no one would hear them. Jun was crossing his hands in front of his chest and frowning. He still tried to understand what Nino's just said.

"Wait! So you guys want my help to get Sho-kun and Aiba-chan together? What do you think I am? A love expert? No!!"

Nino sighed while massaging his forehead. He already knew what his boyfriend would answer. He was not into a match-making thing afterall. But he had promised to Ohno earlier that he and Jun would help, so he would try his best to convince his boyfriend to agree help them.

"J... Baby... Please... We really need your help. You're Aiba-kun's bestfriend and his childhood friend, right? Don't you wanna him to be happy? You know he secretly always looking at Sho-chan, don't you? Well, it's the same! Sho-chan always admire Aiba-kun from a far yet he never try to approach the latter. That's why we just have to give them a little push and let them continue by themselves. Please J..."

Jun stood and looking down at Nino and Ohno, "Kaz... I'm sorry but I can't. Yes I know about Aiba-chan's feeling towards Sho-kun but it's his privacy and I don't want to play with his feeling. I'm sorry..." Jun turned around and walked to the door.

Ohno who was bitting his lip the whole time and keeping his mouth silent finally talked when Jun was about to leave the roof, "I don't have time Jun-kun! I'm dying now and I don't know when God will take my life!"

That moment, suddenly Jun turned around and widened his eyes, "Ohno-kun... What..."

Ohno slowly stood and looked at Jun, "I wanna make Sho-chan happy. I know he has a felling for Aiba-kun. I promise you this will the first and the last time I beg you. It's the only wish I have before I die. Please..."


Jun finally had agreed to help Nino and Ohno despite his curious about what Ohno said earlier at the roof about his condition. Is he sick? Why is he so eager to make Sho-kun and Aiba-chan together before he die? Maybe I will ask Nino later. For now, I will try to ask Aiba-chan to take him to a ramen shop.

"Ramen shop??"

"Yes. You will invite Aiba-kun and I will ask Sho-chan to go with me and Oh-chan. We'll meet at the school yard after school."

"But why a ramen shop?"

"Because I know Aiba-kun and Sho-chan both love ramen."

Jun recalled the conversation earlier at the roof. He remembered the way Ohno smiled sadly at his words. He, Ohno and Nino agreed to start their plan today that's why now he was back to his class and waited for Aiba to came back from his baseball practice. Why Ohno-kun know that Aiba-kun likes ramen?

Jun was still in his thought when suddenly he felt hot breath in his left ear and someone whispered, "Juuuuuuunnn~"

He jumped a little from his seat and immediately turned around to see his bestfriend laughed so hard, "Gosh!!! Masakiiii!!! Don't scare me like that!!! Can you just call my name normally??"

Aiba suddenly pouted and folded his hands in front of his chest, "Hmmph!! I have tried to call you!! Many times!! But you seemed lost in thought about something and didn't hear me!!! Don't tell me you were thinking about you and Nino-kun, huh??" He giggled.

Jun sighed and slapped Aiba's head playfully, "You and your perv mind! Anyway, Nino wants to eat ramen. You wanna come along?"

At the mention of 'ramen', Aiba's eyes sparkled brightly and he nodded his head immediately, "Yesss!!! I want!!! My stomach can't stop grumbling!!" He faked a pout while rubbing his stomach.

Jun laughed at his bestfriend's childish, "You silly! Let's go! Nino and the others are waiting!"

The others? I thought it's only three of us.Aiba thought while being dragged by Jun to the school yard.


When Jun and Aiba finally arrived at the yard, Nino was already there. So Nino-kun also brings his friends. The boy in his left it must be Ohno-kun. Jun had mentioned about him before. And the boy behind Nino-kun is... S-SAKURAI SHO!! WHAT??!! He is Nino-kun's bestfriend??!! W-What should I do??!!! What should I do??!!!

"Kazu, I'm sorry I'm late! This lazy boy beside me was so slow at walking," Jun nudged Aiba with his elbow playfully. Aiba kept ducking his head since they arrived at the yard. He didn't realize that he was blushing so hard. He is here!!! What should I do??

Nino smiled while looking at Aiba, "So this is Aiba-kun, ne. Nice to meet you, Aiba-kun. I'm Ninomiya Kazunari. You can call me Nino. Jun mentioned a lot about you," Nino extended his hand to shake with Aiba's.

Aiba took Nino's hand and shook it softly, "H-Hi, Nino-kun. Nice to meet you too. I'm Aiba Masaki. Y-you can call me Aiba-chan."

Nino laughed, "Aiba-chan, you can just call me 'Nino'. No need to add '-kun' after," Oh-chan is right. He is so pure and kind.

"Ah! Anyway, this is Ohno Satoshi and this is Sakurai Sho. They're my bestfriends." Nino tapped slowly Ohno's shoulder and dragged Sho to step forward so he now was face to face with Aiba. He is really beautiful.

Aiba, who still looked down at his feet, slowly looked up and meet Ohno's gaze. Ohno smiled softly and grabbed Aiba's hand to shake with his, "Hi, Aiba-chan. I'm Ohno, but you can call me Oh-chan."

"Hi, Oh-chan. Nice to meet you," then Aiba looked at Sho and their gaze met. Sho smiled softly at Aiba and extended his hand, "Hi Aiba-chan. I'm Sho,"

Aiba couldn't hide his blush and took Sho's hand in his, "N-Nice to meet you, S-Sho-kun."

Ohno looked at them with sadness in his eyes and pang in his heart. Finally everyone will be happy... I'm doing this for you, Sho-chan...

-to be continued-

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[I dont have much time, Nino!!!]

Title : I Got You (Chapter 3)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship), Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johhnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

Chapter 1|| Chapter 2

Nino was playing his DS in his class. He was alone at the moment so no one would ask him when suddenly he shouted "YESSS!!!" or "DAMN IT!!!!" because of his game. He was very concentrate in playing Super Mario and in the middle of defeating the boss when suddenly someone closed his eyes from behind with hands. He was surprised at first but in a second he knew whose hands were those. He pouted and crossed his hands in his chest when a voice of GAME OVER was heard from his DS.

"Thank you, J!! You made me lost my game when I was about to win, again!!"

J or Matsumoto Jun, Nino's beloved man, chuckled to see his boyfriend sulked and finally released his hands from Nino's eyes. He sat in front of Nino and smiled teasingly, "You lost the game but you win my heart though,"

Nino pouted more but a deep red blush was creeping in his cheek, "Shut up, you teaser!! It won't affect me this time!!"

Jun smiled and couldn't help to peck his boyfriend's lips, "You are so cute when you're blushing like that, Kaz..." but suddenly he remembered why he went to his boyfriend's class and his face turned serious, "Anyway, when I was going to call our baseball coach, I saw Ohno-kun earlier behind the cherry tree near the football field..."

Nino who was starting to play his DS again just answered with hum and nodded his head, as if told his boyfriend to continue his saying.

"...and I saw some tears in his eyes and he seemed to feel some pain because..."

At the mention of 'tears' and 'pain', Nino snapped his head to look at Jun and widened his eyes. Don't tell me that he...

Nino immediately jumped from his seat and rushed out of the class, ignoring Jun who was calling him. He run as fast as possible to the cherry tree mentioned by Jun before. Oh-chan please hang in there!

After some minutes, Nino finally arrived there and he saw Ohno's figure. He was clenching his shirt and his cheek was wet because of tears. He went to him slowly and was going to call him when he saw what Ohno saw at the moment. Sho was looking with smile at Aiba Masaki, Jun's bestfriend and teammates in the baseball team. So that's true Sho-chan is falling in love with Aiba-kun... I'm sorry Oh-chan... I thought that I could help you to get your happiness but it seems that I was too late... I'm sorry...

Nino stepped closer to Ohno and softly tapped his shoulder, "Oh-chan..."

Ohno was a bit surprised when someone tapped his shoulder but he knew that voice. He turned around and saw Nino there with sadness his eyes. His cheek was wet and his eyes were full of unshed tears. "Ni-Nino... I-I can't have h-him Nino..." Ohno choked at his words.

Nino immediately hugged his besfriend and rubbed his back slowly. He tried to hold back his tears, "I'm sorry Oh-chan... I'm the one who always push you to confess to him... I just want you to be happy Oh-chan... I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

He felt Ohno trembled in his arms. He released Ohno a bit and looked closely at his bestfriend. His face was pale and his hand clenched his shirt tightly, "Oh-chan... Are you okay? Should I go to class and bring your medicine or..."

"N-Nino listen to me first...", Ohno interupted him, "I-I have to make Sho-chan and Aiba-kun get together... I n-need you and Jun-kun's help... C-can you promise to help me on this?"

Nino was surprised at Ohno's words, "What??!! But why Oh-chan??!! You love hi..."

"I don't have much time, Nino!!! I can't stay beside him forever!! I want him to be happy, but if it means not with me then I'll help him to get his happiness with someone else and it will be with Aiba-kun. Just... Please Nino... Help me... I can't do this alone..." Ohno sobbed and looked at his bestfriend with pleading eyes.

Nino let his tears fall and hugged his bestfriend tightly, "Why you have to suffer like this Oh-chan??!! Okay... I promise Oh-chan! I will help you but first let's go back to the class. It's time to take your medicine, right?"

Ohno looked at Nino and smiled weakly, "Thanks Nino..."

-to be continued-

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[will you always support me and stand by me Ohno-kun?]
Title : I Got You (Chapter 2)
Pairing : Yama, Ohmiya (Friendship)
Genre : AU, School Life, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I wish I can have them all...!!! Nah~ They belong to Johhnys, I just own the story T^T
a. n : it's un-betaed and my mother language is not English so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes here and there ^^;

Chapter 1

Ohno was standing in the middle of football field while fidgeted his fingers nervously. His heart was pounding furiously. His childhood friend, Sho, was in front of him but he was talking with his friends so he didn't see Ohno was there. Nino left him alone there and was back to the class. Ohno actually wanted Nino to accompany him but it seemed that he was more interested with his DS than watched football match.

Ohno took a deep breath and softly rubbed his chest where his heart was. You have to calm down, little buddy. Or else he will know.

"H-hey Sho-chan!"

Sho, who was talking with his teammates, heard that he was being called and turned around. He saw Ohno stood not far from him. He smiled at Ohno, apologized to his teammates for leaving them for a while and walked to him.

"Ohno-kun you came!!"

Now he was standing in front of Ohno. He was so happy to see his bestfriend there. Ohno promised to him before that he would watch his match and the fact that he didn't forget his promise made Sho even happier.

"I thought you forgot your promise!" Sho faked a pout and folded his hands in front of his chest. Actually he wasn't mad at the shorter boy, but he couldn't help to tease him. Ohno's panic expression was so cute afterall.

"O-of course I'm not!! I've promised you before, haven't I? I really really want to watch you -- I-I mean your play closely!!!" Ohno was panic and stuttered at his words. His cheek was red as a tomato.

Sho chuckled at his bestfriend's words and ruffled his hair playfully, "I know... I know... Watch me, okay!!"


The match ended smoothly after 90 minutes of playing. Sho's team won with the score 4-2. Ohno, who was watching until the end in the supporter's seat, immediately went to Sho who was full of sweat.

"Sho-chaan! You're awesome!! I'm sure someday you'll be one of the best player in Japan and... and you will go to the World Cup!!" Ohno was amazed with his bestfriend. His playing was indeed like a professional football player.

Sho smiled softly at his bestfriend, "You know that's one of my dream, Ohno-kun..." he thought for a while and continued, "...but if it really happened in the future, will you always support me and stand by me Ohno-kun? You know, your presence is kind of my lucky charm. Maybe you haven't recognized it yet but everytime you're there when I was playing, it was like I got more power to do my best," Sho grinned and scratched his head.

Ohno, who was listening at Sho all the time, slowly a deep red blush covered his chubby cheek. His heart beat rapidly, but suddenly he remembered what Sho has just said. He lowered his head. In the future and always were the only words left in his brain. I hope there will be a future for me, Sho-chan.He wanted to say it loud to Sho but he knew it's not the best time to tell Sho everything.

Sho was trying to understand Ohno's reaction. Ohno's cheek was slowly became red and suddenly he lowered his head. Did I just say anything weird?He tried to remember what he has said to Ohno and suddenly it hit him. Now, it was his cheek that became red as a tomato.

"N-No!! It's not like that Ohno-kun!! I-I mean as a bestfriend!! You know, we're always together since we're 4 years old and it kinda soothing to have a bestfriend like you beside me,"

Ohno was still looked down, that's why Sho couldn't see Ohno's expression at that time. The blush at his cheek was gone but now there was sadness in his eyes. Of course I'm just his bestfriend. Why did you expect for more just now Ohno?

Suddenly he felt pain in his chest and his heart pounded rapidly. He shut his eyes and clenched his hands, tried to endure the pain in his chest. No!!!! Please not now!!! Sho can't know!! I have to go back to the class!!!.

Ohno slowly raised his head and smiled at Sho, "I know, Sho-chan. I promise to you I'll be your number one fan someday. Sho-chan I'm sorry but I have to go back to class. I just remembered that Nino asked me to help him with his homework. See you later at class!"

Sho was a bit surprised when he saw Ohno. He was sure that Ohno's face was pale and cold sweat covered his forehead. He wanted to ask what happened but the time he opened his mouth Ohno had gone away. He promised to himself that he would ask Nino later.

He was about to go back to his teammates to celebrate their winning when suddenly he heard some noises beside the football field. There was a baseball match and one of the player made a homerun. He looked at that player and smiled softly. His eyes were only focused to that boy who was smiling so brightly like a sunshine. He looked at the boy with full of adore and admiration. So you made it again today, huh?

Later did Sho know that someone was looking at him the whole time with unbearable pain in his chest and tears in his eyes. He always knew that Sho had a feeling for that boy, not him. That's why he had settled his mind.

I will help Sho-chan to get close to you. I always look at you and I know you are a very kind person, like an angel. Sho-chan will be happier with you, not me. I'm too weak and I can't always forever stay with him, but I know you can. Please make SHo-chan happy...

...Aiba Masaki

-to be continued-

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